Almaz von Almadine Adamant

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She didn’t know exactly how but Kushina found herself at a river. Noticing the beautiful flowers by the bank, she settled herself down right then and there. Lying down on her back she peered down at the delicate beings. Hesitantly her hands reached out for them, not wanting to damage them. Part of her wanted to pluck one but another thought they were all so beautiful together, and it’d be wrong to separate them. It’s like so lame. Since when did the red hot habanero become so soft?

Her hands retreated and she laced them together behind the back of her head. She sighed at how lovely the scenery was. Deep blue eyes peered up at the wide sky above her. They appeared to have something different about them but she just couldn’t figure it out. It must be an Arcadios thing.

Kushina’s attention was averted when she heard a disturbance in the stream. She propped herself up on her elbows to get a view of the one distracting her from her peace. The slight pout on her face disappeared and curiosity replaced it when her eyes landed on someone trying to fish…without any supplies! Her eyes watched in amusement as the fish escaped captivity, leaving him empty handed.

Then he went and fell right on in! A loud cackle escaped her, she saw that one coming. Without any sense of urgency she made her way over to the guy. A firm lock around the collar of his shirt, it took her little to no effort to lift him up and place him next to her.

Normally Kushina was quite chatty, but now she was sort of at a lost for words. Awkwardly she scratched the back of her head. The best thing she could think to say was. “You should really use the buddy system-ttebane!”

Oh no, now she was scolding him. “Simple but effective, ne? Who knows what would have happened to you if I wasn’t here?” Kushina crossed her arms after finishing off with her rhetorical questions. “Just a little tip, those branches over there would probably make good spears , and work better than your hands.”

Unfortunately for him, someone just so happened to be around to spot his clumsy, stupid moment. The only thing that would be considered remotely lucky was the fact that he had no idea someone was watching! The sound of the other’s laughter couldn’t be heard over the sound of the rushing water. For some reason he just couldn’t get himself to have a firm footing, which would’ve been more aggravating if he weren’t panicking over the fact he couldn’t. 

That was until he felt a tug of his collar and the cold air seeping through his soaked clothing. The boy let out a squeak in surprise, and quickly tried to straighten himself out once he was placed onto his feet. His whole face went beet red in embarrassment as he realized that someone had seen the whole thing.

(Oh…Oh no. How embarrassing.) 

"U..Uh, well," He began, then trailed off. What could he even say? He really didn’t need that much help..! Though it was nice to have someone pull him out of that stream.

"I don’t need anything like that..Hahaha..I just slipped..repeatedly…"

That didn’t exactly come out like he wanted it to, but he couldn’t take back his words. All he knew was that the woman was probably thinking he was a goon of some sort. —And oh dear, was he being scolded? Well, it was better than being teased over it.

"Yeah I suppose so…And thanks for helping me..! I really don’t want to know what would have happened if you didn’t pull me out." At least he had to show some gratitude towards someone that saved him. He soon found himself looking at the branches she was pointing at. He had never thought of doing something like that! He really should really stop being so scattered brained over a lot of things. "Oh, yeah, I guess they would be a lot better than using my hands, you’re right!" 

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The boy awoke, his body stiff from keeping in one place asleep for who knew how long. His head felt fuzzy as he sat up and looked about. His scarf had uncoiled itself from his neck and was now laying upon the floor in a room he couldn’t quite recognize for a moment. He was so out of it, he couldn’t exactly comprehend how long he had fallen asleep for.  Grabbing the clothing item off the floor and draping it around his neck, he staggered off as if he were drunk. 

As he walked, everything dawned on him; on where he was at…And how long he really did sleep for. His estimate was around two weeks. It was the longest he had slept ever. Did anything change at all whilst he was out of it for that time? He guessed he’d never know unless he figured out..But there was something that was slightly more important than figuring that out. His stomach was growling and his throat was dry. There had to be food around here somewhere, right? One that was already prepared since he..he really didn’t know how to cook exactly. 

Once he was outdoors, he squinted and shielded his eyes with a hand. His thinking process was going too dreadfully slow…


(Gosh, I’m so hungry…But I don’t want to bother anyone for food; that’s not how a hero acts…! I should be able to find it myself… But I don’t even have a single bit of HL with me…Doubt they’d accept that either.)

Maybe he could take a shot at fishing, and cooking the fish on his own, it shouldn’t be that hard. So Almaz made his way to the river, forgetting the fact that he didn’t have any fishing supplies until he made his arrival at the river bank. Great, that meant he had to use his hands. Rolling up his sleeves, he walked in the water and attempted to snatch a fish or two. All of them were slipping past his fingers. 

"I never thought it’d be this hard." He spoke to himself quietly as he tried to sneak up on a fish and grab it; only to find himself toppling over face first into the water. "—!!" Flailing and spluttering, the boy tried to get on his feet, only to keep on slipping and falling. 

Oh man, he could only hope that no one was nearby to watch him and his ungraceful movements.

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.red riding hood


Without any hesitation, fingers found their way to the other’s hair, followed by the normal petting and fawning that Lotti always did whenever she found a cute boy to dote on. “Yes, Big Sister! Call me Big Sister, okay?” The face was nestled comfortably against the ample cleavage of the other - humming as she rocked him to and fro. 

“Almaz von Almadine Adamant? What an impressive name!” Was he royalty? Even the nobles she knew didn’t have such long names. “Will Almaz suit you? Big Sister can make an exception and say the entire mouthful since you’re just so cute.” She cooed and nuzzled her cheek to the others temple. 

“Oh! But what were you doing out here anyway? Are you lost? Shall we be lost together?” 

The situation only got more awkward—for him at least. Almaz still didn’t shove her away, because he sort of had a feeling she was an innocent girl..! This all was quite the sight, especially with the fact that his face was…there of all places. His face was beet red, and the hero was trying to keep himself from getting too flustered.

( Oh man, I’m..just glad the princess isn’t here…Someone would be dead for sure!)

The thought was frightening to say at least, but in a way it made him feel bad! Almost as if he was cheating, except he wasn’t…This girl was just babying him..That was all. It was obvious that Almaz was trying to keep himself from panicking; the deer in headlights look told it all.  ”G..Got it!”

"O..Oh yeah, I guess you can say it’s that..!" Well he was some form of royalty now, but he never really told anyone that. Plus, he was far too used to being known as a knight, or a fake hero..Mostly being known as a fake hero. "Almaz is good! You don’t have to worry about saying all of it." In fact, no one even called him by his full name, it’d be all too weird to hear anyone call him by it actually. Other than that, he didn’t really mind at least. 

"I can’t really say I’m all that lost, but I can help you around if you’d wish..! It’d be rude to leave a lady behind, especially one as kind as you."

"W..Why are you people trying to seduce everyone..?"

(On a second thought, maybe I shouldn’t ask….. )

.red riding hood


As Lotti made her way through the city, she had to admit that there was a certain old world charm to it that she never thought she’d experience. Everything here seemed a little too peaceful, though, and that was somewhat unsettling. Gaze flicked from the surroundings to the source of a cry in front of her, a brow arching at the sight of a young boy. 

— oh, but not just any young boy. 

A delightfully adorable young boy!

With a small gasp, she swooped down on the other in a flurry of pink and red, gathering him up into her arms. “Oh my ~ did Big Sister startle you? I certainly didn’t mean it!” Nuzzling her head to his she cooed and fussed over his appearance — happily squishing him to her. “Why don’t you tell Big Sister your name?” 

It just so happened that Almaz was a very spacey person, so he got startled more than occasionally..A habit he needed to fix, but it probably wouldn’t ever work anyways. 

The pink-haired girl’s reaction to him was one that he wasn’t expecting one single bit, turning him into a spluttering, panicking mess as he didn’t know what to do. He’d shove her away, but that would be rude to do so, and he really didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…Or get them angry, especially the latter oh goodness. 

(A..Alright, o..okay! I need to remain calm, she’s just hugging me is all! Ha..hahaha. )

"I..It’s fine, don’t worry about it…Big Sister?" It really wasn’t something he heard people usually address themselves as, so he assumed that it was fairly obvious that she wanted to be called that. It didn’t matter though, and he supposed her nuzzling and cooing over him wasn’t all that bad either…At least it was better than being smacked around, or being called names! 

"Um, I’m Almaz…! Almaz Von Almadine Adamant!" 

Followers [ Open ]


Dave was about to complain about how incredibly long this kid’s name was, when thankfully he threw out a nickname. That definitely sounded like a better alternative. There was a constant influx of new people, so if anything the guy’s name would be memorable if Dave happened to chat more people up.

“Sup.” Dave gave the kid a bit of a head nod, before sticking a hand out for a shake as that seemed more appropriate after some though. “Name’s Dave Strider.”

Quite a long name indeed! Almaz took a lot of pride in it, even if people probably found it a pain if he introduced himself with his full name…He always knew that it was polite for himself to do so, which was something heros needed to be!! 

Almaz had never really seen someone dress so…casually before, along with wearing sunglasses. Oh, was he one of those cool-kid people or whatever people wanted to call them? “Dave Strider..? Well it’s nice to meet you..!” He seemed nice enough…If not a little quiet—but it was all good!

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.red riding hood


From beneath the cover of a blood red hood, bright pink eyes stared at their surroundings — obviously confused. This was not Pandora Headquarters, which is the last place she remembered being. Arms folded across ample bosom, gently grasping her chin between thumb and forefinger in a methodical pose. It was a race to reach the seal that was stored within the building and there was an outbreak of violence between both the Pandora members and the Baskervilles. 

They had reached the sealed stone — and it was broken — and then…

… Eyes widened and she shook her head quickly. No, no… that had to be a trick! It wasn’t — it couldn’t have been him.

— after a moment, composure was regained and she breathed a sigh, exhaling slowly. This was not the time to dwell on unpleasant thoughts. The question was, where was she now? This wasn’t London, or any part of London she knew.

And it certainly wasn’t the Abyss! Thank goodness for small favours. It seemed that there were people around as well, so it couldn’t be too difficult to find out what was going on. With a hum, she walked down a cobblestone path; heels clicking rhythmically. 

The question was — who to bother first? 

Falling asleep outdoors was something this boy wasn’t aware that he was going to do beforehand. The weather outside was just so perfect for it, so he couldn’t really help it.  His nap however, did not last very long as the sounds of footsteps, along with someone humming shook him awake. Almaz scrambled to his feet, trying to keep himself from toppling over from getting up to fast.


Luckily he didn’t end up falling flat on his face, that’d be quite the mishap…And quite painful as well. Though, the reason why he had acted so suddenly was the fact that maybe he would know the person that was walking—That wasn’t the case though. Instead, he found himself turning face to face with a pink-haired girl he had never seen in his life.

"Oh..Hey! I didn’t see you there!"